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Celebrate the words.

I’m Seth – a creative copywriter and strategic thinker.

Put simply, there are two ways to connect with your audience online: visual images and words.

I do the words. I use them to make brands more exciting, emotive and human. Writing is half of what you’re putting out there. It’s also the area where most founders and start-ups fall short. I turn language into one of your greatest strengths and give you the confidence to know you’re saying the right thing.

There’s no right or wrong stage to bring me in on a project. Sometimes I’m asked to set the groundwork before launch, other times I’m overhauling an existing website, helping a brand to reconnect with themselves, or keeping up that momentum with narrative-driven campaigns.

I don’t simply hand over the words. I put all of my energy into helping founders, entrepreneurs and leaders to create the kind of brands they feel proud to own and represent – and I leave you with a sense of ownership and excitement over what we’ve achieved together. I promise this will be inspiring, creative, and above all, fun.



Tone of Voice
Brand Positioning (purpose, values, vision)
Website Copywriting
Marketing Content
In one sentence

What’s the most valuable sentence you own?

Most brands think in terms of narratives rather than sentences. They have stories ready to be told. But they might not have answers to simple questions. Like, “What do you do?” or “Why are you here?” Last summer, I did a workshop for TOG Knives. We spent the evening before sharpening knives and talking about […]

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How to respond when you don’t have the answer.

Few people have the answers. When coronavirus brought the world to a standstill, the instinct for most brands was to reach out to their customers. Some of this communication was necessary. But most of it was noise. Thousands of leadership articles were published. My inbox overflowed with unsolicited advice about how to WFH, how to […]

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How to Q&A

Ask better questions – and keep asking until you get to the marrow.

Unfairly, Q&A articles are often seen as the lazy way to generate content. But they are one of the richest sources of inspiration if the interviewee is interesting, and the interviewer asks the right questions. One of my favourite Q&A projects was led by Together and Sunspell. They go deep. They ask about dreams and […]

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The ideas that change the world often come out of nowhere.

Jack Kerouac wrote On The Road on a 120-foot long sheet of paper that he taped together. He finished the novel in three weeks. The musician Steve Harley lost his song lyrics on the way to Abbey Road recording studio and wrote Come Up And See Me (Make Me Smile) in the back of a […]

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