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Celebrate the words.

I’m Seth — a creative copywriter and strategist.

Put simply, there are two ways to connect with your audience online: images and words.

I do the words. Writing is 50% of what you’re putting out there. It’s also the area where most founders and start-ups fall short. I turn language into one of your greatest strengths and give you the confidence to know you’re saying the right thing.

I run workshops and discovery interviews to ‘get inside your head’ and understand your vision. I’ll then build your brand position through a series of essential statements. Lastly, I’ll bring this to life with a tone of voice that sounds like nobody else.

I’m also one half of 500 Mins, a brand accelerator workshop for entrepreneurs looking to raise investment.

Tone of Voice
Brand Message
Website Copy
UX & Apps

The ideas that change the world often come out of nowhere.

Jack Kerouac wrote On The Road on a 120-foot long sheet of paper that he taped together. He finished the novel in three weeks. The musician Steve Harley lost his song lyrics on the way to Abbey Road recording studio and wrote Come Up And See Me (Make Me Smile) in the back of a […]

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Prep Sessions

I’m now offering Prep Sessions for start-ups and founders.

Starting next month, start-ups and founders can book me for a two-hour session once a month. It’s like a board meeting, but for your brand voice and written content. Language is 50% of what you’re putting out there. I’ll own this area. I’ll protect your verbal identity, and make sure your articles and newsletters are […]

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